Towards the end of the project (late 2024), the project will see a major outreach activity targeting sports organisations external to the project with the objective to attract them and have them on board as potential multipliers of the ACCESS methodology and approaches that would be disseminated as an example of good practice for improving environmental management in sports.

The four sports organisations, part of the ACCESS project – the Gaelic Athletics Association, FC Porto and the Welsh and the Danish Football Associations will be on the frontline of recruiting such organisations from their own networks. However, sports organisation from countries other than the UK, Ireland, Denmark, and Portugal will be very welcome to join, nonetheless.

Once the participating sports organisations receive necessary support in terms of training and education, support, and monitoring, they would be able to autonomously continue the ACCESS way of dealing with sustainability and circularity in sports nationally.

The adherence of interested parties will include a Charter which will be developed and launched in 2024 will appear on this page. It would allow external parties to express their interest and the commitment to pick up on the project’s results and outputs and deploy them within their own structures in order to enhance improvements in environmental management. These tools will include studies and overviews of current environmental management principles, training material for increasing the capacities of various structures and finally, handbooks for proper implementation and application of different phases and processes.

Sports organisations of whatever kind are able to express their interest already now and get in touch with the project coordinator for early adherence which would allow interested parties not only to follow the developments within the project’s framework but also benefit from certain tools and event before anyone else. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at

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