FC Porto

A public event in Porto for the wider local and regional audience to explore cooperation between sports and cities

As the project advances and enters its new phase, the project partners will meet physically for the third time, this time in Porto in September – a great occasion to open up the project to the project’s external audience again.

While the ACCESS project partners would meet on 19 September to discuss the project’s progress by looking back on the first year of the project and discussing what the second one would look like, 20 September would serve as a perfect opportunity for the external audience to get engaged and interact with the project, its findings and observations, and its partners, potentially resulting in new synergies and cooperation.

The public event was announced to have a format and an objective that would perfectly suit the phase the project’s sport organisations have recently entered – the creation of local and regional Circular City Committees. FC Porto would showcase what their cooperation and aligning with its local and regional authorities and agencies looks like – all in order to achieve a valuable added value: contributing to the city’s efforts in implementing circular economy and sound environmental management principles in various spheres of life, including sports. The event would see a study tour visiting relevant authorities and other stakeholders which are shaping the city of Porto’s environmental strategies, plans and targets, as well as those that contribute to innovation and advanced practices.

FC Porto is proud to be able to take the interested parties to some of its key partners, each explaining the way they cooperate and collaborate with the club. The visits would include some of the key stakeholders, obviously taking off from the club’s Dragao stadium. The ultimate objective of the study tour is to inspire other partnering sport organisations to seek and officialise cooperation with their own stakeholders and give some basic ideas for such potential links.

While the details of the study tour are yet to be unveiled, interested parties are already invited to express their interest in joining the tour by contacting the project’s coordinator, Ernest Kovacs on behalf of ACR+ at

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