ACCESS to appear at “Sport as a Tool for Healthy and Green Planet” symposium sharing insights in cross-sectoral cooperation in sports

The event, on 10 April, in Brussels, will gather hands-on practitioners from the sport, environment and health sectors, public institutions, and policy-makers for a full-day networking and exchange.

Consistent with the European Green Deal, New European Bauhaus and Health-Enhancing Physical Activity (HEPA) recommendations of the European Commission, the symposium aims to position more soundly the efforts of the grassroot sport organisations to support behaviour change for sustainability, engage diverse stakeholders from various sectors (health, education, environment, policy etc.) and translate the EU green policies on the national and local levels through bottom-up activities.

This will be a great opportunity for Ernest Kovacs of ACR+ to bring forward the cross-sectoral approach and methodology ACCESS has been using to address these challenges, as well as the recent findings and observations obtained from the project activities and outlooks for future.

While the event will be opened by Laska Nenova and Vlad Fedorov on behalf of BG Be Active and Reka Veres of Budapest Sport Service Provider Nonprofit Ltd, other speakers and panellists will include Peter Ficher of the European Commission’s sport unit, Hilal Erkoca of the International Sport and Culture Association and Maxime Chusseau of Sustainability International among many others. All of them will be contributing to two interactives sessions revolving around a panel discussion “Where policy meets practice” and a workshop on sustainability and grassroot sports.

“Sport as a Tool for Healthy and Green Planet” symposium is a joint effort between BG Be Active, Budapest Sport Service Provider Nonprofit Ltd, ISCA, Sport and Sustainability International collaborating to present the learnings, tools and resourses of two international projects – Sport #WithoutWaste led by BGBA, and City, Green Go – led by Budapest Sport Service Provider Nonprofit Ltd.

The two Erasmus+ Sport project consortium partners spawned from the common belief that grassroots sport can contribute to the climate action awareness and drive the actions towards the environmental sustainability.

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