Call for public authorities and sport supporters: Help the ACCESS project by taking a survey!

While the initial phase of the ACCESS project is coming to its end which would see comprehensive publications on the latest trends and occurrences in sports when it comes to environmental management, we need your input to cross-check and compare our findings and observations.

As the project has the objective to enhance the collaboration between sport organisations and their local and regional authorities in order to reach a scenario where both parties would benefit from sound environmental management in sports, it’s time to hear the voice of public authorities. During the last 4 months, the participating sport organisations – the Danish FA, the Irish GAA, FC Porto and the Welsh FA have undergone a thorough screening of their practices in terms of both operations and governance. Much of this phase was looking at their collaboration with their relevant public authorities. In order to compare, cross-check and eventually validate the observations, the ACCESS project is currently conducting a survey targeting public authorities (local and regional authorities as well as various agencies on local, regional or national levels). The objective is to hear their side of the story and how they rate and describe this partnership. The survey wants to look at various activities, expectations, needs and opinions of public authorities when it comes to the enforcement of their strategies, targets and plans in sports.

The survey below is targeting public authorities, so please click below and take the survey if you are one of them:

One of the biggest environmental impact sport organisations could have are certainly those revolving around their events. Many sport organisations organise events that attract tens of thousands of supporters, sometimes from as far as thousands of kilometres away – especially in case of national or European championships, away games, hosting a final match of a competition and much more. The environmental impact is reflected through several aspects – mobility, food and beverage consumption and the way they are served, merchandise, waste generation and other potential nuisances for the local communities. One of the aspects not receiving enough attention is accommodation. This is the aspect the ACCESS project wants to pay a special attention to. Therefore, a special survey was created to collect opinions, information on habits and information about tendencies in this field. Often overlooked, the selection of accommodation could play an important role in the overall environmental performance of a sport event. Many short- and long-term accommodation options are trying to join the transition towards more environmental friendly practices and sustainable travel in general. This particular survey is trying to assess exactly these efforts and whether they are paying off when supporters are choosing their accommodation option.

If you are an occasional or a frequent supporter travelling to matches, please take the following survey:

Both surveys are anonymous and the ACCESS project is appreciating your participation in them.

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