The Danish FA to welcome the project partners for their local multiplier event

Late September will see a milestone meeting of the project partners before the project enters its final eight months – coupled with a local dissemination event in Brondby, Denmark.

While the project meeting on 24 September, reserved for the six project partners – ACR+, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, GAA, FC Porto and the Danish and Welsh FAs will have to ensure that the remining tasks and actions are completed before May next year when the project reaches its end, the day after will allow a wider Danish audience to discover the latest developments, milestones and results the project and its partners achieved.

As confirmed by the hosts – the Danish FA, the local dissemination event will take place on 25 September in the city of Brondby. It will serve as a great opportunity for showcasing the work of the Danish Circular City Committee which was set up as under the ACCESS framework and which not only put forward an Action Plan but also started implementing it and running relevant pilot action with their local and regional stakeholders. The fact that the city of Brondby also hosts the Danish Sport Federation and the Danish Olympic Committee will certainly add up to the attractiveness and the dynamic of the event, having relevant speakers sharing their own experiences and initiatives as well as allowing the ACCESS project to reach out to a wide network of sport organisations and practitioners in sports and environment.

The topics and the focus of the event will certainly reflect the phase the ACCESS project is in and put a highlight on community engagement and outreach, as well as cross-sectoral cooperation. The day will be enriched by a study visit to Brondby FC’s facilities and discovering their own initiatives and good practices.

Interested parties are welcome to express their interest in joining the event as speakers or participants already at this stage by contacting Monica Fabienke at

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